City limouzine scam

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I am sure there are still a whole lot of you who are still wondering what ever happened in August which started this painful long journey of money recovery. Apparently, we must blame ED for freezing accounts for which our payments got stopped and we are in pain. Dmitry Bestuzhev of computer security firm Kaspersky Lab says: Those cash deposits are still sitting outside the country.

Once Shastry secured bail, he filed an affidavit saying he had no objection to the government disposing the properties that had been attached and distributing the money thus raised among the complainants. I will send an update tomorrow.

Seema is in custody of Delhi EOW. The windfall was recovered from the estate of philanthropist Jeffry Picower, who drowned after having a heart attack in the swimming pool of his beach front Palm Beach, Florida mansion in October, You could have been City limouzine scam of them. He has got bail in most of the arrests made.

Other than Mr Unni no other journo even seems to be bothered about the plight of lakhs of investors. It just occurred to me after seeing reams in print on the Rs. That 'benign' email can make you a money mule If an online offer to make easy money is too good to be true, it probably is.

Masood has allegedly transferred crores of money to the company owned by these two, called Kanu Reality Pvt. Masood and Geeta have both been remanded to police custody till July 2nd.

Awaiting your valuable comments. Advocate Naushad Engineer, appearing for the liquidator in one of the reports filed by him, argued that provisions of Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act MPID could not supersede the provision of the Companies act, and that MPID took care of interests of only the depositors and not the other creditors of the company.

This process could take more than 5 years. A detailed check list on how to file a claim for city limouzine, city realcom and city hospitality will be published by the official liquidator in the next few days.

Lining up against someone with money and influence can be a dangerous game in Mumbai. The judgement was based on the conflict between the interest of the depositors who were duped by a company and that of its workers, government agencies and other secured and unsecured creditors.

They use this website to accept transactions from participants in the scheme. They stopped all incoming transfers, so the cash deposits that were already sent out, could not come in and hence cheques bounced. I hope you understand what i mean. Shastry was arrested and his properties in Yelahanka, Hoskote and other places were attached.

Hundreds of people have signed up with these associations only to find out that even that money has been stolen from them. How do you guys feel about that. What can one do.

City Limouzines scam: HC clears way to liquidate all assets

The only way out is to file a Cyber crime complaint in nearest police station to get beck our money we should do every thing which is possible to us in our favor I think all of us should Follow Mr VedantRajput jion twitter at http: A week later, Masood was in a Mumbai court to attend a preliminary hearing related to the charges.

Hearing Of Property Attachment. Are they City employees from the Chennai office. I wish I had an answer for them. I am trying to see how investors across India can file claims in Mumbai by post or courier.

Fast track trial of City Limouzines chief: ED to SC

This application was made by Masood in January to transfer all cases to Hyderabad, where there was a stay on all proceedings.

We are trying to trace the source from where he is funding all these lawyers. Everything will be just fine. But, did we try to find out how he was giving high returns?.

I sold many things and reduced my burden but still some remains. General population will simply think of City Grp scam as any other normal scam happening in India.

If yes, please get in touch with me asap. Even his advocates say the same thing. I invested only in june for a similar amount of 40 lakhs as you have done. The reasoning is that since the appeal is yet to be decided by the SC it does not make any sense to wait further.

I appeal all the investors of city limousine/realcom that we must all come together and file complaint individually against this fraudulent company on Gov. Grie. Fraud by citi limouzine. Jun 06, city limouzines reviews, rmp infotec biz reviews, 3/5().

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No relief for City Group head Masood in money laundering case 9 Jan,PM IST. URS 31 March City Title What is a city? People often confuse a city for a town.

Merriam-Webster definition of a city is “A place where people live that is larger or more important than a town: an area where many people live and work.” (Merriam Webster definition).

Unfreeze my assets, says City Limo scam accused.

A high-yield investment program is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new City Limouzine, Future Maker Pvt.

Ltd. (~ million US$) in India, EMGOLDEX or Emirates Gold Exchange, and WorldWide Solutionz in South. City Limouzines scam: HC clears way to liquidate all assets You are in an offline mode By Sunil Baghel Sunil Baghel, Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Jun 10,IST.

City limouzine scam
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