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His first act was to extinguish Lenin's New Economic Policy NEP —intended to introduce a limited amount of free trade to the Soviet system in order to revive the economy after the civil war—and replace it with his own policy of collectivization, which nationalized the agricultural industry.

When Russian Marxism split into two factions—the radical Bolsheviks and the more moderate Menshiviks—Stalin sided with the Bolsheviks, thus aligning himself with Lenin and other major party leaders.

Years after that incident Lenin end up dying and Stalin takes over as the leader of Russia. If they joined Britain and France, Hitler would be forced to fight a two-front war. During this time, he revolutionized the Russian economy with a combination of rapid industrialization and centralized economic collectivism, reforms that in some instances caused massive devastation in rural parts of the country including the famine ofin which up to mm people starved to death.

Stalin had believed that equality and democracy had to wait until the Soviet Union had a thriving industrial economy. This Nazi-Soviet pact was shocking to all countries, but Russia had stated that it was for national self-interest only.

The Pact included secret plans for the two leaders to control the European territories each considered essential to his country's expansion.

On JuneGerman troops invaded Russia. His policies were directly responsible for the deaths of as many as thirty million Soviets. Therefore, when Stalin came into power, most of the major industries were already in government hands.

A hugely controversial figure on the global political stage, Stalin carried out ruthless purges of the Soviet military, political and Judicial classes Applicable,ending political opponents to work in work camps or gulags in Siberia from which few ever returned.

In January Stalin ordered the arrest of a group of Kremlin doctors on charges of plotting the medical murder of high-level Soviet officials.

Modern Russia is still strongly influenced by Stalin, with leaders such as Yelling and Putting frequently held up to be compared to their most notorious predecessor. After the war Stalin moved quickly to seize control of Eastern European countries to create the Soviet bloc.

That is until Stalin made the Soviet Union involved in international affairs. As a writer and editor at the Communist Party newspaper Pravda, as well as the author of books and articles, Stalin contributed to the body of works delineating Soviet ideology.

His other major goal was to introduce widespread industrialization to the USSR, in order to move the country from an agriculture-based to an industry-based economy. Collectivization meant eliminating individual farms, and placing them in government control.

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By the time of his death, Stalin has by some estimations become Just as tyrannical figure as the Tsar he had helped to overthrow Service,and was certainly a very different leader from his predecessor Lenin.

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To some, Stalin was a paranoid egomaniac, and there is certainly evidence to support such a view. Stalin is responsible for some concentration camps and exiles that went on with the slaves.

Throughout the s about one million old Bolshevik party members those who had taken part in the pre-Stalin revolutionary era and countless millions of citizens were accused of sabotage, treason, and espionage and were arrested, tortured, and either executed or sent to the gulags.

Then later 26 other nations signed the Atlantic Charter, which was the beginning of the formation of the United Nations. Stalin also occupied other key positions, which enabled him to build up enormous personal power in the government. Like a father, he guided his child, the USSR, to become stronger and more powerful among others.

He died of a cerebral hemorrhage before the new purge trials could take place. We will write a custom essay sample on Joseph Stalin Order now More Essay Examples on When the leader does not agree with what Stalin has to say, Stalin punches the man out and threaten to kill them all.

In he conducted foreign policies which contributed to the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. The only question that concerns many is, were there any other alternatives of achieving his goals, without killing millions.

With agricultural production cut in half, mass famine ensued, and at least three to ten million peasants died of starvation. Joseph Stalin was born Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on Dec 21st in Gori, Georgia of the Soviet Union to Vissarion (Beso) and Ekaterina Dzhugashvili. His.

Joseph Stalin Essay - Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin was born on Dec. 21, in Gori, Georgia.

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Joseph Stalin’s original name was Iosef Vissaronovich Ozhungashvili, but he adopted his name to Joseph Stalin which means, “man of steel” (World Book. Essay: Joseph Stalin. In a country full of chaos, a great leader is needed to restore order.

Joseph Stalin deserves the title of the ‘Father of the USSR’, for industrializing the country, collectivizing its agriculture and making the Soviet Union more active in international affairs. The Rise of Joseph Stalin Essay.

The rise of Joseph Stalin - The Rise of Joseph Stalin Essay introduction. Joseph Stalin was the authoritarian leader of the Soviet Union for 31 years between and his death in Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from until his death in He is widely recognized as a dictator, an oppressor, and a ruthless ruler who took the Soviet Union from economic shambles to a superpower, but with the high cost of human sacrifice and his paranoia of opposition.

Joseph Stalin Homework Help Questions. Describe the significance of Stalin's uses of propaganda in manipulating the people of the Soviet Stalin's use of propaganda was significant on two levels.

Joseph stalin short essay
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